Common questions about PicUp Media

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About Us

  • Who are we.

    We are entrepreneurs, engineers, goldsmiths, jewellery traders, content writers, photographers, ex-bankers, and accountants who all ended up in the jewellery industry. Our team of strong, creative design thinkers have worked with jewellers worldwide as we push forward with our vision of improving the jewellery industry by tapping into the possibilities of technology and bringing business success requirements through digital mediums.

  • What we do.

    We are innovators in the jewellery photography arena who aim to assist jewellers to become more competitive in the digital industry through outstanding digital imagery.

  • Why we do it.

    As technology continues to disrupt traditional business paradigm and revolutionise different business sectors, it is highly evident that the jewellery industry remains sluggish. From brick-and-mortar operations, the exodus of some physical jewellery stores  in various locations, and the increasing demand for jewellery e-commerce, all the way to the currently growing omni-channel business model, jewellers continue to experience volatile returns. Our team, with each member coming from jewellery backgrounds,  has studied the trend with the greatest intent and realised the lack of innovation in the digital space. Will technology or the lack of digital development kill the jewellery industry?