About Us

“A single image could launch a million sales, make sure it tells the correct story.”

We work to serve and improve the jewellery industry by continuously innovating products and services that can add value to the sector, its consumers, and the jewellers. With over four decades of firsthand experience and knowledge in the jewellery arena, jewellers alike can be more confident of our specialised approach towards professional looking photos – ones that glitter and sell.

Why jewellers take photos of their exquisite pieces:

  • To send to customers and potential buyers for viewing
  • To visually record stock inventory
  • To use for advertising and promotions
  • To keep as a permanent record before the clients take the jewellery piece with them
  • To build a catalogue for upcoming events
  • To sell online

Over the years, we have spoken with jewellers all over the world and the stories we heard remain true for everybody else – jewellers face the exact same problem in matters of jewellery photography — photos are too blurry, not enough natural daylight lighting with unnecessary shadows and reflections. As easy as photography often appears to be, jewellery is one of the trickiest to photograph. We know, we’ve been there.

GemLightbox is created to specifically target the jewellery photography department for jewellers. We aim to eliminate the time inefficiencies in shooting jewellery products and to share our photography knowledge through the creation of our lightbox. It provides a one-click solution that addresses common jewellery photography problems. No stress-inducing photoshoots, only guaranteed desirable photographs.
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